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Playdough in the Museum

Alexander, Postcard (Dancer Alexander Sacharov, Alexej von Jawlensky, 1909, Lehnbachhaus München), playdough, Berlin, 2019


play dough Atlas

The world’s bravest, strongest and smartest women are gathered in the world’s museums. They have been sitting, standing or lying on display for decades, centuries. Important artists created them. Your value is immeasurable. We approach them in awe and keep our distance. I visit them in the temples of high art and allow myself to be attracted by their power.

I mold the ones I have to stop in front of because their charisma captivates me in clay – regardless of whether they are a muse, a Madonna or a maid, a class, a rank, a name, a millennium or an artist. I work on site in the high-security wing of the museum and counteract the idealized representations of women who celebrate a lot of naked skin and a glorified idea with my sketchy clay figures. They complement the otherworldly image of women with a version without sex appeal. My recreations are tangible, three-dimensional, burlesque and pure.

Visitors help to hold the hand-sized sculptures in front of the original. I take a documentary photo of this action as a trophy, as loot.

My utopian idea is to sculpt all the women in all the paintings worldwide in clay. By building an infinitely large collection of small, soft sculptures, I comment on and address the position of women in art and society.

Venus, painting (Venus and Mars surprized by Vulkan , Paris Bordone), playdough, hand of a visitor, Gemäldegalerie Berlin, 2018
Judith, painting (Judith with the head of Holofernes, Christofano Allori, Gemäldegalerie Berlin), plasticine, hand of a visitor, Berlin 2019
Lukrezia, painting (Lukrezia, Joos van Cleve, arround 1520), plasticine, hand of a visitor, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, 2023


Colorful, soft, banal, actually a non-art material, but wonderful in its directness. The results are charming and absurd and surprisingly delicate. The striking colors give strength, swapped skin colors are surprising.

Global Loot

#playdoughartproject is analog and digital. Conquering the character, putting him into clay, is always an effort and an exciting risk. Will I be allowed to steal her magic, her soul? Does a damaging spell appear? But what happens is that the women in the paintings come strangely to life through their little playdough muses.

Helping Hands

The dialogue with the visitors and the joint staging of the clay muses in front of and with the original is
always lovely. Who can say they have been holding Venus of Milo
in their hands? Thank you very much to everyone who spoken to me.


Als ich nicht ins Museum gehen konnte habe ich auch Postkarten als Vorlage genommen. Ein völlig anderes Erlebnis, und spannende Aktionen. die Inszenierung, Postkarte, Muse und Passanten im Park zum Beispiel bringen ganz andere Perspektiven.


The allegories about the muses, goddesses and portraits of all these women. An immense treasure that belongs to us. Who actually was Judith?

Collectione globale

Change the world with dough

They are small, paradoxical, fragile and humorous. They make us smile and unleash the conversation between people.