archive of a utopia

a constantly expanding radius

I’ve been working on my #playdoughart project since 2017. My utopian idea is to recreate the women I think are subjectively most beautiful in all the paintings from all the museums around the world in clay. In the long term, I am pursuing the development of my own museum.

In my collection, muses, madonnas and goddesses stand side by side, in relationship, separated from the flat image and the past – united. Women of the Renaissance meet women of the modern era.

And thus a whole new world of encounters and stories is available.


By building this infinitely large collection of soft, female knowledge in the form of small, soft sculptures, I comment on and address the position of women in art and in society. My stance is feminist.

Massive thanks to all the helping hands, you rock this project!!

Collections i visited until now:

Secondary object:

If I assume that I carry the inheritance of my mother and also that of my mother’s mother and also that of my mother, my mother’s mother, then – if I continue to pursue this principle – I carry a homeopathic share of all women all the paintings in the world in me.