Playdough in the Museum

Playdough happening, August 16/17, 2023, 2-4 p.m.National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nationalgalerie of Bosnien and Herzegovina

playdoughartproject in der Nationalgallerie von Bosnien und Herzegovina

Am 16. und 17 August Knete Happening in der UGBIH von 14 bis 16 Uhr

In addition, the National Gallery invites you to the following workshops:

#playdoughartproject, National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Silvije Bonacci Čiko (Kaštel Kambelovac, 1893 − 1966), 2023

Gemäldegallerie Berlin

Vivid Paintings – playdough happening at the Gemäldegallerie Berlin

At the special exhibition on ‘Donatello – Inventor of Renaissance’, October 2022. With special thanky to the helping hands, in particular of Dr. Dagmar Hirschfelder.